Owning and training on some of SCFC’s most popular simulators, Brian has a deep knowledge of flight, especially when it comes to IFR. Experienced in flying all throughout the US, principally in the west, Brian is one of SCFC’s most effective instructors. Interested in learning more about IFR? Hop in on Brian’s bi-annual instrument ground school and get your foot in the instrument door.

Certificates & Ratings

  • Single-engine, multiengine, and instrument instructor ratings. ATP with multiengine land privileges

Aeronautical Experience

  • Flying since 1995
  • Flight instructing since 2006
  • Active FOG member

Training Offered

  • Instrument Ground School (twice per year)
  • Instrument training
  • Pre-rating phase checks
  • Aircraft checkouts
  • Simulator training


  • Open availability


  • $100/hour ($90/hr for members)

Contact Info