Known for not only flying airplanes but also working on, repairing, and refurbishing aircraft, Nariman has tons of experience in aviation. Casual and easy-going, Nariman is great for those just beginning to fly. Nariman enjoys passing on what he’s learned to those just beginning. He feels that he relives his trainings when he teaches new students. Nariman is also the instructor to the recent Upwind Summer Scholarship recipients.

Certificates & Ratings

  • CFI, BFR Aeronautical


  • Flying since 1994
  • Flight instructing since 2002
  • Airplane mechanic

Training Offered

  • Private pilot
  • Commercial
  • Flight instructor
  • Mountain flying
  • Aircraft checkout
  • BFR


  • Open availability


  • $90/hour ($80/hour for members)

Contact Info