Why choose San Carlos Flight Center?

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  • High Wing Aircraft:  All our sightseeing flights are flown in high wing aircraft, which offers the best possible view out of an airplane.  Nothing is in the way of the window, so the ground is perfectly visible to anyone sitting in the cabin.


  • Comfort:  All airplanes come fitted with an easy in-and-out two door cabin set up with a spacious seating area and windows spanning around the entire plane.  In addition, the person sitting in front gets to communicate with the pilot and feel what it's like to control an aircraft during the length of the aerial tour.




Contact us if you have any further questions regarding Aerial Tour Policies.
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  • Availability:  We have a variety of touring aircraft and employ numerous tour pilots to help us with our aerial tours - so scheduling is a simple process. Contact Us today or come in to the office and speak with the front desk agent to schedule the tour of your choice.


  • Proximity to San Francisco:  The San Carlos Airport is the closest general aviation airport to San Francisco, so the city is a favorite destination for customers looking for the optimal touring experience.  We also offer tours of the general SF Bay Area, Peninsula & Pacific Coast, Above Silicon Valley, as well as customized aerial tours.  Check out our Tour Routes for more information.